Welcome  #Psalms46Five Warriors to She Shall Not Be Moved.

The Battle is REAL…remember to put on your armor daily (Ephesian 6:10-18)

For starters let me introduce myself a bit & what this site is all about….

My name is Peggy Brandon. I am a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, homemaker, provider, financial adviser, chef, uber (for free lol), counselor, authority figure, business woman, servant, many, many more….but last be not least a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL MESS!

That is what this site is about….

A place where I (we) can be myself (our self) without reserve or judgement…where venting, support, crying, praying, healing, laughing, love, & encouragement can take place…and of course shopping, being beautiful,  and sculpting our mind & body!

Here you will navigate to raw & non-judgmental  inspiration and encouragement throughout your day. Whether you need it a little year by year or minute by minute (…because let’s face it…most of us take “one minute at a time”…we aren’t even to the “one day at a time”, YET)

This is my first time really doing this…

It’s time to share my life experiences and my thought. I pray that God gives me the courage to not hold back and be the RAW, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL woman He created me to be. I pray that same pray for you…

So I welcome you all to my Psalms46Five Warrior Playground….


God is in the midst of her; SHE SHALL NOT BE MOVED; He will rescue her just at the break of dawn ~ Psalm 46:5